Advantages of the service

Quick and Easy

In just three steps you will have everything you need to start to show your menus. Proved!

Watch our usage videos with the how-to!

Total Control

Upload and change your menus as many times as you need without need to replace all your printed QR codes.

Your guests no needs to download any specific APP.


Update the target URL the QR code links to. Engage your fans community by promoting event days and more.

Social media sharing it's included too.


Looking for getting metrics to improve communication and marketing strategies in your business?

Start by getting analytics on your menu visits from real life.

How to get your Contactless Menu

Enter your email

Once you fill the form, you will instantly receive your smart QR code by email along with simple instructions to activate it.

Put the name of your business

Customize your template. Put the name and upload a photo of your business.

Upload your menu

Upload PDF documents with your food and drink menus and post photos with descriptions about your dishes.

Another time replacing your printed QR codes?

What does the service include?

    Classic QR codes are static and you will need to replace all of them if you need to make changes in your Menus.

A dynamic and smart QR code:

  • Print as many copies as you need. You could place them in table tents or stick them directly in your restaurant tables.
  • There are no limit in the number of scans to your Contactless Menu.
  • Dynamic QR codes for Restaurant Menus allows restaurant managers and owners to meet their needs in two directions:
    - Upload and update Restaurant menus. Access to your account on the Web platform that gives you support.
    - It is also possible to modify the target URL your QR code links to and point it to a new URL or go back to the default template at any time you want.
    - There are no limits in the number of dynamic redirections of your QR code.
  • Smart. Get metrics from the number of your guests and language on a monthly basis.
  • One year use of the Control Center or Hub included after the purchase: Consulta las estadísticas de visitas a tu código QR.
    • Customize your business template with your logo and your corporate image.
    • Make changes in your digital menus, as many times as you need.
    • Post last minute specials, any suggestions or modifications within your menus.
    • Social media sharing it's included too.
    • Changes will be instantly applied and your guests will have access to them with the same QR code.

Click or scan to access a usage example:

Try your Contactless Menu one month free!

You can try it for 1 month for free

After a month you will have to renew if you want to continue using it. You just have to:
1- Enter your email and press the "Send" button.
2- You will receive a confirmation email.
3- Enjoy!